5 Things You Should Know About Believe Chicago

2018-09-25T05:00:41+00:00September 19th, 2018|
  1. Employee driven.  Believe Chicago is driven by AT&T employees to help lift 19 Chicago neighborhoods most affected by gun violence and high unemployment.

  2. Extensive AT&T resources.  We’re bringing our people, our hiring, our services and our contributions to lift these neighborhoods and help people find opportunity they deserve to succeed in education, careers, and life.

  3. Hiring workers.  We’ve hired more than 400 qualified workers from the 19 neighborhoods into jobs at our new Chicago Platinum Call Center and retail stores.

  4. New online job skills platform. We launched “AT&T Learn,” a skills readiness virtual learning platform, to provide basic training for skills development, such as learning how to write a resume, make a presentation, and other foundational skills.

  5. Built with the community.  Built to last. Believe Chicago was informed by and inspired by our employees, developed in collaboration with the community and built to be sustainable.  The people of AT&T are committed to making a difference to help our friends, neighbors and colleagues here.  We believe in Chicago.